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If you’ve always fancied a kitchen island but have been put off by the price, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’re sharing 24 stunning kitchen ideas to add a bit of stylish form and function to your kitchen this year.

When adding a kitchen island, it’s important first to figure out how much space you have to play with, as you need to be able to move around your kitchen without constantly bumping your shins or elbows on the island. Secondly, you need to decide on the main purpose of your island, whether that’s storage or family dining. These two things will help you to decide on the style and size of your island and save you from making costly mistakes.

1.   Slim pickings

If you have a narrow kitchen, this doesn’t necessarily mean that island living isn’t for you. A sleek and slim island doesn’t take up much room and can add a handy bit of extra space for food prep.

2.   Wheely great

For those who would love a kitchen island but worry that it will get in the way, a slim island with lockable wheels is a great solution, as it can simply be wheeled away when not in use.

3.   Off your chest

If you don’t want to go to the expense of buying a kitchen island, a repurposed chest of drawers can add space for working and eating, as well as handy kitchen storage.

4.   A touch of luxury

A great way of adding a bit of luxe glamour to your kitchen island is to fit it with a granite or quartz top. Don’t worry if this is a bit out of your price range, as there are lots of faux versions available which can look every bit as good.

5.   Tapping into convenience

Lots of people say that their one complaint about their kitchen is that there is only one sink and source of water. An island is a great way of adding an extra sink to your kitchen – just make sure that you leave the plumbing up to the professionals!

6.   Wine and dine

If you enjoy a tipple or two, a kitchen island can double up as a wine rack as well as adding space for casual dining.

7.   The breakfast bar

Cereal boxes and juice cartons can take up a huge amount of space in your kitchen cupboards, leaving little space for your other essentials. A kitchen island can offer handy storage for all of your breakfast items for quick and easy access.

kitchen island seating

8.   Become unhinged

If you have a small or narrow kitchen, a drop leaf style island can be useful in keeping your room neat while providing extra space for dining or food preparation when needed.

9.   Matchy matchy

It can sometimes be difficult to find a kitchen island which matches your decor. At Kitchen Makeovers, we can switch out your existing countertops and the top of your island at a fraction of the cost of a kitchen refit to create a pleasing matching effect.

10. Colour and contrast

For those who see matchy matchy as the decor equivalent of double denim, contrasting the top of your island with a colour pop or different texture can make it a more interesting feature of your kitchen.

11. Bin there, done that

Bins can take up valuable space in our kitchens, particularly when sorting rubbish for disposal and recycling. A kitchen island can provide a handy hiding space for your bins, and you can even incorporate a lift-up flap for quick and easy disposal.

12. Cooking up a storm

If you’re a budding Masterchef or frequently find yourself cooking for a lot of people, a kitchen island is an ideal way of adding an extra hob or even an extra oven to your space.

modern kitchen island

13. Flower power

As well as functionality, a kitchen island allows for creativity. Try adding a section for plants or flowers or, if you’re a bit more ambitious, you can even plant a small tree in a specially made hole in your island.

14. Hang it up

A really simple but effective way of getting the most from your kitchen island is to add hooks for your utensils and tea towels to keep them within easy reach at all times.

15. Priceless artworks

Adding a clear sliding top to your kitchen island allows you to display your children’s drawings and paintings – and to replace them quickly and easily as desired.

16. In suspense

If you only want to use a kitchen island occasionally for dining, you may want to think about a narrow plank-like version which can be suspended from the ceiling – and retracted when not needed. While this will take a little work to install, it can be handy for smaller kitchens.

17. The shape of things to come

When thinking about kitchen islands, we automatically think rectangles – but that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Depending on the size and shape of your kitchen, try thinking outside the box and consider a triangular or even oval-shaped island.

18. Trolly dolly

There’s nothing to say that your kitchen needs a purpose-built kitchen island – an antique hostess trolly can add a bit of quirky functionality to your kitchen, and these can be picked up relatively cheaply online or in antique shops.

19. Duly noted

If you’re pushed for wall space in your kitchen, an island can incorporate a cork pin board or a whiteboard for keeping track of all those bills and important appointments – in a central place where they can’t be missed.

20. The bar’s open

For those who enjoy entertaining, a kitchen island can double up as a mini bar. Add a space to store bottles and cans, and you can even incorporate a mini fridge or a dispenser for mixers as well as containers for fruit slices and other accompaniments.

21. Double up

One of the biggest advantages of a kitchen island is the opportunity to create more storage space, and you can maximise this by creating a ‘double-decker’ island with cupboards and suspended shelves. While this may be taller than the average island, you can easily get around this by using high stools for dining.

22. It’s a wrap

If you don’t have the space for a central kitchen island, a wraparound version in a corner or side of the room can create the same effect while leaving enough room for you to move around while cooking.

basic kitchen island

23. Pet station

If you have a dog or cat, a kitchen island can be a great solution for keeping your furry friend’s bowls and other items neat and tidy. Try adding a recessed area to the end of your island to create a cute and practical pet station.

24. Drawing a line

In today’s world, we need space to store a wide range of items, including chargers, batteries, devices, cables and more. Choosing a kitchen island with multiple drawers of different sizes is a great way of keeping everything you need neat and tidy, and easy to find. At Kitchen Makeovers, we can replace drawer fronts and fittings quickly and easily – and cheaply, making it super simple to combine functionality with cool style in your kitchen.

At Kitchen Makeovers, we specialise in updating kitchens by replacing cabinet doors, drawer fronts, countertops and fittings. This allows you to update your kitchen at a fraction of the cost of a full refit – and with minimum mess and disruption to your family.

For more information – or for a free, no-obligation quote, get in touch with our friendly and professional customer support team today.

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