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Here at Kitchen Makeovers, you could say that we’ve got a handle on handles. With our vast collection of contemporary and classic kitchen handle designs and professional fitting service, we can add those finishing touches to your kitchen that really matter.

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Our Replacement Handle Fitting Service

If your kitchen door handles are looking a little dated, or have become loose and started to fall off in your hand, it may be time to replace them. For clients using our kitchen makeover service, we have a wide range of attractive handles, of all design styles, to add to your new cupboard doors.

Our professional fitters will measure up and fit the handles for you, to ensure they are perfectly in line and properly secured. Our team understand that even the smallest details can impact the appearance of your kitchen, and will work with you to find the ideal cupboard handle and placement for you. 

If you’re interested in booking a kitchen makeover, and refreshing your kitchen with a set of new cupboard doors or a fresh worktop, you can book a visit, or contact us for more information. 

Replacement Kitchen Door Handles: FAQs

Although there are a wide rage of kitchen door handles which come in fairly standard sizes, including button knobs and some D-handles, this isn’t always the case. Before you begin looking for replacement handles, take a look at your current handle and how it attaches to your kitchen cupboard door. If the handle requires two screws, be sure to measure the distance between the two screw holes before you commit to buying a replacement handle. Unless, that is, you’re open to drilling new holes.

If you’re replacing a D-style or T-style kitchen door handle on an existing cabinet, and don’t want to drill any new holes, make sure to measure the existing fitting before shopping for new handles. 

Remove the existing door handle and measure the distance between the existing holes in your cupboard door. You can use a tape measure, or a standard ruler to do this. If your door handles are knob or button-style handles, you won’t need to measure the distance between the holes.

You should also measure the cupboard door as a whole, and compare any ‘paired’ handles (on cupboards that are placed together, but open in opposite directions) to ensure the holes line up as they should. 

Also, be sure to pay attention to the area around your cupboards. If you’re choosing a handle of a different shape or style, check to make sure that when the cupboard opens, it isn’t likely to catch on any other fixtures or fittings in your kitchen. You should also take notice of its proximity to the wall, and if it’s likely to swing open and cause damage to the plaster or paintwork.

It’s always worth checking these things prior to installing new kitchen door handles, as you’d be surprised how often these issues can arise once the job is complete!

When choosing new handles for your kitchen doors, you should take into consideration:

    1. The overall look you want to achieve for your kitchen. For instance, do you want a traditional kitchen design, or something more modern? Matching the kitchen cupboard handles to the design of your doors can be the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen.

    2. Colour scheme. If your kitchen has metal accents, colour-matching your drawer handles can create a more cohesive appearance. For instance, if you have a lot of brushed chrome kitchen appliances, silver cupboard handles and drawer pulls may be a good choice.

    3. Accessibility. Another factor that many people don’t consider when it comes to their kitchen door handles, is accessibility. For those with limited mobility in their hands and fingers (for instance, people with Parkinson’s disease or arthritis), they may find it difficult to grip small, bottom-style knobs. D-style handles, which require less grip and can be opened by hooking their fingers through, may be a better choice. Consider the members of your household and their current access needs, and you will be able to choose the handles which are most practical for you, as well as looking great in your kitchen.
There is really no set time when you should replace your kitchen door handles, and a good quality, well-fitted handle should last you a number of years. However, some common reasons to replace kitchen door handles may be:

  1. Tarnishing. In heavy-traffic areas like the kitchen, it’s common for handles to wear down over time, with the finish rubbing off or the metal discolouring from frequent use. If your handles are beginning to look a little tired, it may well be time to switch them out for a new set.

  2. Looking dated. If you’ve recently kitted your kitchen out with some new appliances, or updated it with a replacement worktop, your old cupboard handles or drawer pulls may begin to look a little dated in comparison. Particularly if you’ve recently moved into an older house. Updating your kitchen handles can add new life to a set of cupboard doors, without the need for a pricey kitchen renovation.

  3. Wear and tear. Similarly to the tarnishing, the fittings for kitchen handles can begin to corrode over time. This can lead to infuriating instances where the handle may fall off in your hand, leaving you to prise open the cupboard using whatever you have lying around. However, whereas this may be an issue with the handle, it could also be that the screw hole have grown loose over time too. In which case, a replacement door, rather than a replacement handle, may be a better investment.

Replacing a kitchen door handle can be as simple as unscrewing and switching the existing one, provide you are happy with the placement on your kitchen cabinet. However, if you’d like to move the handle placement, or the handle fitting has become loose over time, you may in fact need to replace your kitchen cabinet door. Screw holes can become tarnished and worn down over time, so a simple handle replacement may not fix the issues you’ve been having if the handles feel loose or regularly fall off. 

At Kitchen Makeovers, we offer a wide range of affordable services, to replace kitchen cupboard doors, cupboard handles, and even worktops. Although we also offer full kitchen fittings and renovations, our kitchen makeover service can help you achieve an entirely new look for your kitchen, without the potential disruption or cost of a revocation. 

You can book a visit from one of our kitchen makeover experts today, operating across the UK to deliver a high-quality, professional service for our customers.


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